Scavenger patriarch and believer in the Constitution


Boo is a short sturdy man who always keeps a set of tools handy in a pack on his back. He also keeps a shotgun close, because you never know what will come.


Boo’s clan have been scavengers and scrap collectors for 3 generations. Boo himself based his operations out of Miami and was hopeful to reintroduce democracy when the local hardholder died. Instead the gangs moved in and he was driven out.

After making a deal with Dustwich and selling a broken generator to Jarhead, he ran into Violet Jefferson, who he has demanded do something about the situation.

He left his daughter Gina and wife Lauren behind in Stumpland while he and his son Garber helped Violet. After many ups and downs, his home was “freed”, run by another tyrant: Gator.

But eventually he helped found a new settlement and brought his family home.


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