Billy Ray Tallahasse

The Bastard


Cool 1
Hard 1
Hot 0
Sharp 2
Weird -1

Highlighted Stats
1st game – Hard/Sharp
2nd game – Cool/Sharp
Experience: x
Harm – 1

Orleans – 0
Gator – 2
Violet + 1

A man in his mid twenties with a narrow frame and nimble fingers. He keeps his beard and hair short, and he wears armor/clothing derived from protective motorcycle gear and hunting clothing.


9mm pistol (2-harm close loud)

Big knife (2-harm hand)

Nomad Gear

Choose an extra option on a hit with Good enough!


A small, hidden shelter with supplies to last a couple days.

Ruin Runner Moves

Use sharp for manipulate instead of hot


When you dig through remnants of the old times, roll+sharp.
On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 1:

• you find something worth 1-barter

• you avoid serious trouble

• you find a salvage-rich area, giving you +1forward the next time you return

• you’re quick about it

Good enough!:

When you try to repair something, roll+sharp.
On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 1: • it’ll work more than once or twice

• you don’t cause serious long-term damage to it

• you don’t take -1forward with it ‘cause it’s crap

• you don’t have to strip something else for parts

They’d be crazy to follow us in here:
you can roll +sharp to get the effects of going aggro, without going aggro. You and your enemy have to be in dangerous terrain, but you don’t have to interact in any way. If the enemy forces your hand, the landscape counts as a weapon (2-harm AP far area).

In chains, with Bowdy’s crew.

Billy Ray Tallahasse

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