Glowing freak and wanna be bigshot


Dustwich was a handsome dark haired man who spent considerable time keeping clean and well groomed. He wore a fancy suit at all times.

When he left Stumpland, he was glowing greenish yellow and arcing electricity due to his seizure of the device.


Dustwich was Jackbird’s brother. The siblings shared something, a device with power over time and space. Dustwich wanted it and so he took it.

November Orleans once worked for him when he ran a upscale establishment. She left when everything went south though Dustwich doesn’t see it that way.

Gator was hired to kill Dustwich which he did. He cut off Dustwich’s empire building and Jarhead took the now broken device. Even though his employer, Jackbird, is dead, it seems Gator is a man of his word.


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