Hurricane Green

Big man of Stumpland


Hurricane is a large older man with a rugged build. Years of sun and gator herding have left his face wrinkled and scarred.

He carries a sawed off shotgun wherever he goes.


Hurricane comes from the sprawling Green family, the members of which he values highly. Unfortunately Gator killed Zuzu his favorite nephew. He’s a bit bitter.

He does still have several nephews as well as a niece named Matilda.

He runs Stumpland, a tiny hold valuable for raising alligator meat, a dangerous but lucrative business. He owes tribute to Deg, a warlord up the road however. This is complicated by the fact that the only pickup is old and often breaks down.

He recently bought Vock the Sculptor to help defend the town. Thanks to November Orleans that wasn’t necessary.

Hurricane Green

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