Rue Wakemen

Voodoo priest, mount of the loa, and terminally ill


A tall black man in a top hat and ragged black suit, Rue painted his face with a white paint like a skull. His eyes are covered in green mote of infection by the climbers.


Through his connection to the “loa” or “gods”, he somehow survived a terminal case of the climbers. Working for White, he managed to shutdown the Autodoc. His tried to turn November Orleans but was unable to find any realistic leverage.

In the aftermath of the Autodoc shutdown, he was called into an ambush. Though he disabled the critically injured Gator, Jarhead and November knocked him out. Then they burned him.

Custom Move

Receiver of the Loa: when you open your brain to him or contact his mind psychically, he gets to ask a single question from Read a person.

Rue Wakemen

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