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  • Stumpland

    [[File:367498 | class=media-item-align-center | Stumpland.jpg]] A gator farm in the middle of a swamp, Stumpland is an important food source in the region. They also produce fine leathers. It is run by the [[The Green Family | Green family]], …

  • The Green Family

    The Green family holds positions of authority and influence throughout western Florida. Named for the Green Swamp, they established themselves as a prolific clan of toughs.

  • Hurricane Green

    Hurricane comes from the sprawling [[The Green Family | Green]] family, the members of which he values highly. Unfortunately [[:gator | Gator]] killed Zuzu his favorite nephew. He's a bit bitter. He does still have several nephews as well as a niece …

  • Matilda Green

    Matilda has lived in Stumpland her whole life. When she was young she was in love with a young man from the next holding named Corbett. Corbett however got taken and enslaved while traveling to another holding. The niece of [[:hurricane-green | …