Tag: Music Bowl


  • Pandora

    Pandora was a high priestess of the [[Music Bowl | Music Bowl]] and a friend of [[:november | November Orleans]]. She hoped to have the dancer perform at the festival this month. She was crushed by falling debris when the Music Bowl was hit.

  • Wisher

    Wisher has extended an invitation to [[:november | November Orleans]] to visit him at the Music Bowl, taken in by her beauty. He hired [[:jarhead | Jarhead]] to build a gift for November but ultimately joined Violet's new holding after the destruction …

  • Heron

    Heron died in the fires that erupted after the [[Music Bowl | Music Bowl]] was hit.

  • Amber

    Amber gave [[:november | November Orleans]] the gift of a Geiger counter. She died in a stampede when the Music Bowl was hit.

  • Pellet

    Pellet attempted to bar [[:november | November Orleans]] from the [[Music Bowl | Music Bowl]] council room. [[:wisher | Wisher]] and his fellow guard Grip interceded. He died bracing a door so the council of elders could escape when the Music Bowl was …

  • Grip

    Grip succumbed to [[:november | November Orleans]]'s charms. He allowed her into the council's presence for a kiss and a private audience later. He emerged unharmed from the wreckage of the Music Bowl.

  • Brin

    [[:jarhead | Jarhead]] convinced Brin to stop work on the armored truck to supply intel for him about the battle outside. The tinkerer promised he wouldn't get in trouble. Brin played a dirge over the fallen as the fires consumed the Music Bowl.