Tag: psychic maelstrom


  • White

    White and his minions took over the Big Boat and threw out or killed any who disobey them. Though little was know about him, all know he messed with black magic, was a skilled medic and could control people via zombie powder. He was not above using those …

  • Marshall

    Marshall was Violet's first love. He died of [[The Climbers | the Climbers]] years ago, his life cut short. He continues to exist in the maelstrom. He was dominated by [[The Gods | The Gods]] but Violet rescued him.

  • Sir Fredricks

    [[:jarhead | Jarhead]] helped Sir Fredricks, a professor at the ruins of the University of Florida to access the psychic maelstrom electronically. It went poorly and his mind was trapped in the maelstrom. His body remains alive in the real world, …