Tag: the Big Ship


  • Patridge

    The niece of Madame, Patridge has not been heard from since [[:white | White]] took the [[The Big Ship | Big Ship]].

  • Kim

    [[:violet-jefferson | Violet Jefferson]] saved Kim's life when she was attacked by a giant radioactive boar. She owes her one. Since she is still on board the [[The Big Ship | Big Ship]], Violet used her to get information on [[:white | White]] and his …

  • Cougar

    Cougar serves as [[:white | White]]'s war leader, leading his men to destroy those who oppose him. Cougar seems to like this status and has never turned on her master. She led White' men against the [[Music Bowl | Music Bowl]] but was defeated by [[: …

  • Winnona

    Winnona along with [[:rue-wakemen | Rue Wakemen]] served as advisers to [[:white | White]]. Her own goals seemed to require a powerful patron. What those goals were however are unclear. [[:violet-jefferson | Violet Jefferson]] killed her in the [[ …

  • Phoenix

    Phoenix used to work for [[:white | White]] but now serves as Gator's face person after his main lieutenants.