Now most of you have played Apocalypse World at some point but as a quick overview, the typical first session starts with a group character creation where each player chooses a playbook (which is sort of like a class, but much more flexible than). Playbooks generally represent an archetype within post-apocalyptic fiction (though some are their own thing). Your characters will be some of the more important/powerful/influential people in the area. You might not be friends but you are willing to work together.

We then play out a day in the lives of those characters to establish the world and the people in it. Its probably not going to be a good day.

The game generally only asks for rolls when it really matters and involves rolling 2d6 and adding the relevant stat. 7+ is a success though 7-9 is a limited success with some cost. Also failures generally mean something bad will happen.

You can a very condensed overview of the rules here

Feel free to ask me any questions.

The main thing is to consider what playbook appeals to you. I’ve set a collection of them, including the main ones (AW-basicrefbook), the limited edition ones the writer of the game created (AW-limitedrefbook) and several fan made playbooks which I think are balanced and interesting of the setting.

There are a few playbooks in the limited edition book I’d rather not have in the game: The Macaluso, The Marmot, The Quarantine, and the Space Marine Mammal. Feel free to argue for them if you really want, its just that they are either more complex (Macaluso), adversarial (Space Marine Mammal), or alter the setting significantly (Quarantine). Or they are a talking rodent (Marmot).

If there is a playbook you want, let everyone know. In Apocalypse World, the general rule is only one character of a particular playbook is in play at a time.

If there is something you want for your character that isn’t on the sheet (a car, a weapon, or other item) just ask. I’ll probably say “yes” or “no but if you talk to ___ (insert NPC name here) you could get one”.

A final item. I’d like it if you would think what the world might be like. Come up with an adjective (Moldy, Lawless, High-tech, Flashy) or something specific you want in the setting (submerged cities, psychic mutants, deadly UV radiation).

I will restrict a few things: no magic apocalypse (i.e. apocalypse caused by the return of magic, I’ve played that) and no “zombie” apocalypse (i.e. apocalypse caused by appearance of zombies, aliens, vampires, or other not-human things. There can be monsters but they are not the focus of the game, people are. The antagonists of the setting should generally be human (or at least mostly human) or the environment itself.


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