Creepy little girl


A thin girl with long black hair that covers half of her face, Memo has suffered malnutrition and worse in the East Wing of the Autodoc. At least she is still human.

Her hair hides some surgical scars and a pair of data ports. More lurks under the surface, somehow connecting her to the psychic maelstrom.


Rescued by Jarhead and Gator, she is now free of the East Wing. It is unclear how old she is, somewhere between 10 and 14 is the best guess. Her mother was turned into a monster by the Hospital and something was done to her as well.

She now works for Jarhead. Sometimes she is possessed by things in the psychic maelstrom. She went missing, apparently seeking out Violet Jefferson to convince Jarhead to leave the Music Bowl before it got shelled. Or maybe she wanted someone else saved?

She and others in Jarhead’s team suffered massive psychic damage during the destruction of the gods but have since been rounded up and repaired.


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