Violent enforcer of the American Way


Fit despite his 50 years of hard living, A.T. sports a white mustache and short beard. Typically dressed in green camo, he is a determined individual dedicated to restoring the fallen nation by any means necessary.


A.T. runs the Militia, a survivalist clan that still flies the American flag. He and Violet Jefferson don’t see eye to eye due to the means he is willing to use. Violence is justified if it brings unity, purges are acceptable if they restore traditional values, and war is necessary to remove threats to the new America.

He’s been seduced by November Orleans and through her influence decided to let Violet enact her own plan in freeing Miami. Ultimately he became friends with Gator and allowed him to take over the The Big Ship.

In the attack liberate Music Bowl, he was critically injured. Jarhead managed to patch him up. In process he learned that the ‘A’ stands for Alex and that A.T. was a small child when the day of the climbers hit.


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