Former warlord and freak of nature


A freak of nature, born of a woman dying of the Climbers, White was only 12 when he died. Horribly scarred from an alligator attack when he was 7, he was known as a fierce fighter and having the ability to project into the psychic maelstrom at all times. He hated spiders however.


White and his minions took over the Big Boat and threw out or killed any who disobey them. Though little was know about him, all know he messed with black magic, was a skilled medic and could control people via zombie powder. He was not above using those infected with the Climbers to get what he wants. He was slowly taking over all the holdings in Miami until recently.

Through a series of setbacks his trusted henchman were killed or murdered and he was been left with one option: obliterate his enemies with weapons of the golden age. His second shot struck true slaughtering many at the Music Bowl.

The gods distrust him.

Gator shot him in the head and he bled out. but his mind continues to wander the maelstrom. He has made a deal with Jarhead for a new body.


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