Tag: Militia


  • Hammer

    [[:rover | Rover]]'s grandson, Hammer has learned some his grandfather's mechanical skills. He's become interested in larger things however, like [[:violet-jefferson | Violet Jefferson]]'s vision of a renewed USA. He joined the [[Militia | Militia]] …

  • A.T.

    A.T. runs the [[Militia | Militia]], a survivalist clan that still flies the American flag. He and [[:violet-jefferson | Violet Jefferson]] don't see eye to eye due to the means he is willing to use. Violence is justified if it brings unity, purges are …

  • Mox

    Mox is old friends with [[:november | November Orleans]] and works within the [[Militia | Militia]] under [[:militia-at | A.T.]]. He still has a thing for her.

  • Hugo

    Hugo likes the ladies and was easily seduced by [[:november | November Orleans]]. She took some grenades. He blamed the Free Company.

  • Fire

    The second in charge of the [[Militia | Militia]] (a.k.a. Lieutenant) goes by the name Fire. She has a fierce temper and has tried to butt heads with [[:violet-jefferson | Violet Jefferson]]. But it seems this teenager was seeking a man named Adam. a …