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  • Stumpland

    [[File:367498 | class=media-item-align-center | Stumpland.jpg]] A gator farm in the middle of a swamp, Stumpland is an important food source in the region. They also produce fine leathers. It is run by the [[The Green Family | Green family]], …

  • Steelside

    Run by [[:deg | Deg]], this massive factory complex still runs, supporting hundreds of people. Hungry people.

  • Cottage

    This tiny holding is all that remains of the great 'burbs that covered the land. Three rotten homes is all that remain, tended by the leaf and bark clad descendants of their owners.

  • Willowtree

    This community lay just off [[The 75 | the 75]], a collection of tents nestled around a ring of willow trees. Wires snake out from this ring to power lights in the trees and nearby streetlamps. A ring of strange climbing poles surround the holding for no …

  • Autodoc

    The Autodoc is a functioning hospital run by the descendants of the nurses. Though they have preserved much of the lore of the old world, the hospital also contains automated surgeons under the control of the central computer. Unfortunately its program …

  • MarketStore

    A holding that is almost all market, MarketStore is housed in an old supermarket. [[File:394110 | class=media-item-align-center | MarketStore.jpg]] They were working under [[:white | White]] under some sort of deal at one point.

  • 711

    This holding was depopulated by [[:white | White]], its inhabitants zombified and sent to attack the [[Autodoc | Autodoc]].