The Autodoc is a functioning hospital run by the descendants of the nurses. Though they have preserved much of the lore of the old world, the hospital also contains automated surgeons under the control of the central computer. Unfortunately its program has become corrupted and not everyone gets what they expected when they go under its knife.

The East Wing was particularly hit hard. Housing the insane, the lights went out there 5 years ago. Most of the patients escaped but some lived on inside, subject to the Hospital’s mad surgery. Jarhead managed to get the lights on again and the head nurse Barnum hired Gator and his gang to clear it out in exchange for a free medical service later.

It turns out that the Head Nurse has a deal with A.T. and the Militia. They supply fuel and the nurses let them use their services.

This drew the attention of White who sent agents to contaminate the air supply with the Climbers. Most of the nurses got out in time but the Hospital went into lockdown. Gator and others liberated it but also shut down the main computer.

Now Millions runs the place though under the thumb of the Militia.

Custom Move: Elective Surgery

When you allow the Hospital to operate on you, it fixes what ever ailment you have. Roll + weird. On a 10 + choose 1, on a 7-9 choose 2. On a miss all three.

  • You are set to 2-harm (regardless of your previous harm level).
  • The hospital adds something (a limb, an organ, a modification).
  • The hospital removes something (a limb, an organ, a part of who you are).


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